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Поддержать проект можно на специальной странице или через нашу группу ВКонтакте. Благодаря Вам мы сможем и далее развивать лекторий, лабораторию перевода и увеличивать число открытых семинаров.
Our collaborative project with Evgeniya Gorn
Evgeniya Gorn Translation Laboratory
Our translation laboratory is where active communication and interaction take place,
letting translators and interpreters share their knowledge and experience. It is where they

are constantly creating something new, developing and honing their professional

Nowadays translation manifests itself in a variety of ways. On the one hand, it is a fully

catering activity. We often turn to it with a specific requirement or even a personal need,

like an analogue of a certain paper or an official document. On the other hand, those who

do not know a foreign language would not be aware of such fundamental literary creations

as the Bible, not to mention famous scientific articles and works of fiction. Hence, its

influence is much larger than people often think, and we believe it should not be

underestimated. Besides, many would agree that translation as a process is more than

exciting and not at all boring or trivial.

Evgeniya Gorn
The founder and the leader of our Translation Laboratory

Our mission is

to strive towards humanities literacy through developing translation

excellence and providing mediation in the world of meanings.

Along with honing its members’ professional skills, the laboratory brings everyone into a

global area of liberal arts thought. Our team is working on conveying original meanings and

transmitting them into the Russian language with highest possible accuracy. This way we

are providing free public access to both Russian and foreign humanities sciences’

achievements. We believe that translation mastery has the power to cross the boundaries

and give rise to discoveries.

The Projects of the Translation Laboratory

Deutscher Raum
A collaborative project with the department of Foreign Literature of MSLU named after
Maurice Thorez is aimed at working with texts that had not been previously translated.
Such texts are of German origin – at the moment our team is translating the works of
Thomas Mann.
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